We have created a few rules to make this website a succes. Check the rules before you start.



I like to borrow a pet

1. Find a pet. Go to: search a pet. Find a pet you like, you can see all the pets or search specific for a pet with your preferences.

2. You found a match. After you did some research you found a perfect match with a pet you like.

3. Contact us. Let us know that you’re interested in a pet and fill in the contact form. We’ll let the pet owner know that you’re interested.

4. Meet up. The pet owner will contact you and then you can meet up, make some rules about the pet and start sharing.



I like to lend out my pet

1. Contact us and send information about you and your pet. We would like to know what kind of pet you have and the personality of the pet. It it required to send us details and habits of your pet.

2. We create a blogpost for your pet. Your pet will have their own page on our website where other people can check your pet and decide if there’s a connection.

3. Found a match. When there is a match we’ll send you the details and questions of the interested person. It is up to you to get in contact with the interested person.

4. Start sharing. If you have met each other, discussed the rules and characteristic of your pet, you can start sharing.






Other rules

  • You need to meet up before you start sharing a pet.
  • Pet owners need to make a list. This list must be followed.
  • Abuse: if you think there’s a sign of abusing the pet, let us know and we will give a fine of DKK 2250 and additional costs to the abuser.
  • You need to let us know which insurance you have. We have the right to refuse you based on your insurance.
  • If there is a problem with the pet you need to know the owner and all the costs are for your insurance.