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Share My Pet: the solution for the best life for your pet

Animals. Who doesn’t love them? They create a social environment and they are great company. Some even say having a pet has a positive influence on someone’s health. How great would it be to share your pet? So more people can enjoy these positive influences. Share My Pet will make this possible.


Do you love animals? Well then you are at the right place, because we do to. We are three girls that love animals. We all have or had pets in our lives and as a pet owner you want to take care of your pet as good as possible. But what happens when you cannot be home for a while? Where will you pet go and more importantly: Who will take care of him/her?

Does the thought of putting your pet in a massive animal kennels frighten you? Are you looking for something more personal? Then Share My Pet is the solution. Share My Pet is a community that creates contact between owners of pets and animal lovers that are willing to take care of their pets for a short period of time. So the owners can enjoy a carefree time away from home. And it allows people that cannot have pets permanently, to have pets but temporarily.

The owner of the pet will pay a small amount to the person that will take of their pet, with this money the person is able to buy food and other necessities. An additional five Euros is asked for service costs. Share My Pets priorities a good experience, which comes with a relatively low price, compared to the already existing animal kennels where you need to pay a lot more.

On the website you can find all the available pets, each pet has a personality description in which you can also find the dates they are available. Each owner and person that would like to take care of an animal needs to make a personal private profile. Therefor, they need to contact us so we can create the profile. Reviews can be uploaded on this profile, which give a good indication of what kind of person you are. This will allows the person who wants to take care of the pet to get a clear overview of the pet and it’s owner and the other way around: the owner can get a clear overview of who the person is that is interested in taking care of his/her pet. When you are interested in a pet to take care of you can fill in the contact form and we’ll make sure the owner knows that you are interested and gets in contact with you.

So do you have a pet that needs to be taking care of, share my pet is a great option. Share My Pet is an affordable and comfortable option and your pet will be taking care of by animal-loving people. If you do not have a pet, but would really like to have one for a short period of time, Share My Pet is something for you. It allows you to experience having a pet in your house.


Jennifer, Roos and Xanthe