Assignment 6 – Video time

We made a video to explain the concept of share my pet and use examples to make it realistic. We also walk through the steps that you have to take for both, people that want to lend out their pet and people that are interested in a pet for a couple of days.

A video is a really good and fun way to meet the pets!

Our first idea about making a video was that it is a great way to introduce your pet. You can make a video with your pet and send it to us. We can add your video to your pet’s profile. This is a fun way to meet the pet and the owner and get a good impression. A profile of a pet with a video will add value and that’s what we want, but because we do not own a pet in Denmark and we didn’t want to steal someone else’s pet, we changed the concept and uploaded another video.


The video is meant for the homepage so people that visit our website can just play the video and know exactly what to do and where to find. We also can share it on our social media pages and other media and that why we mention our website URL. For now, you only can find the video on our Facebook page because we don’t have a premium account.

But….. We have add the link for you!