Assignment 5 – Social media plan

There are numerous social media platforms. These social media platforms are great marketing channels. You can reach a lot of people without having much capital. Most well known social media platforms are prpbably Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Before participating in one or more of these platforms we need to find out what our target group is most interested in. Our target group exist out of pet owners and pet lovers that want to take care of a pet. By analysing the different platforms we can find out what will work best for us.


This platform allows you to be interactive with your target market. You can post tweets yourself and give your target market the opportunity to respond to it. When your target market has questions or is interested in feedback, Twitter is a great platform. Unfortunately the usage of twitter is declining and therefore the platform is not the best option (Smartinsights, 2017)


This platform allows you to get in contact with employees or employers. Of course this is not applicable to the Share My Pet concept. And therefore this social media channel is not suitable for Share My Pet.


This platform allows you to promote your service or product with you followers. By creating a Facebook page Share My Pet can reach their target group. On Facebook you can create posts to keep the target market up to date. Just like Twitter, Facebook is a good way to interact with your target market. Because Facebook gives people the chance to reply to your posts. In the following graph you can see the share of social media users in Denmark in 2016, by gender and platform (Statista, 2017).
Most Danes have a Facebook account and therefore it is a good option to use for our concept. Also the Facebook usage is experiencing a growth (Smartinsights, 2017).



This platform allows you to share photos and videos with your followers. Because we are selling a service which allows us to attract people by visualizing the service. Sharing a pictures or video of a cat or a dog attracts our target market. Instagram is an increasingly popular platform. And therefore it would be a perfect channel to use for us. Especially because Instagram has a relative high number of users in Denmark, as you can see in the graph above.



The main goal of our Facebook page and Instagram account is to attract our target market by visualizing our service and at the same time enable customers to contact us if they have questions or want to know more about the service we offer. An additional benefit of having these social media platforms is the advertisement that comes with it.
By posting pictures and video regularly we hope to attract people and keep them up to date. The social media platforms gives us the option to be interactive with our existing customers and our potential customers.

A mentioned before, our target market are pet owners and lovers. And social media is a very effective way to reach these people. We do not base our target group on gender, age groups and income. These features are not relevant when forming our target group. However we their lifestyle is important to determine the target group. When using the VALS framework, we can distinguish three types that are relevant to our target group: Innovators, thinkers and believers. Innovators are confident to experience new things, enjoy the challenge of problem solving and have a wide variety of interests. Since Share My Pet is a new concept, innovators would be the people wanting to try it out. Thinkers do research before acting, are financially established and are not influenced by what is hot. Thinkers might enjoy Share My Pet, if they like the content, which they researched. Believers want friendly communities, value stability and are loyal. Believers could be interested in Share My Pet, since they are attracted to doing ‘good’ things. So taking care of someone else pet is something they enjoy. (StrategicBusinessInsights, 2017). Of course all of these types need to have a love for pets.

With the social media pages we will keep our target market up to date with new developments. Also we will market our service by visualizing the service and make posts about the pets we offer. These posts consist mainly out of introducing the pets to the target market. Furthermore people can share their pictures on Instagram when the post it with #sharemypet. When doing that the pictures will appear on our instagram. Success stories are shared on our Facebook and website.

Instagram profile: Sharemypets
Facebook profile: Facebook share my pet