Assignment 3 – Design and content decisions

Description of Design and content decisions

Share My Pet is a community of animal lovers, owners but also non-owners. Share My Pet provides contact between an owner of a pet and a potential caretaker. When the owner cannot be home for a while, someone has to take care of their pet(s). This is where Share My Pet will help out. Instead of putting your pet in a relatively expensive animal kennel, you can leave your pet with someone that is truly interested in your pet.

Our target market is very wide. Our target group exists out of all people that have pets or like them. The owners take the care of their pets very seriously. The caretakers are people that would like to have pets, but cannot have them or want them permanently.

Find a pet that fits you perfect as person!

When it comes to competition, our main competitors are pet kennels. Pet kennels are located everywhere. Most pet owners leave their pets at pet kennels when they go on vacation. For Share My Pet it is important to create brand awareness, so these pet owners may choose for Share My Pet. A major advantage for Share My Pet is that they more inexpensive than pet kennels. For example Søndergård Hunde og Kattepension located in Kolding. They offer care for dogs and cats only. The price per day for a dog is 230 kr (31 euros) for a cat it is 170 kr (23 euros). Share My Pet offers a larger variety of choice in the pets. Søndergård Hunde og Kattepension only offers their service for dogs and cats. Furthermore, Share My Pet only charges 5 euros in total for service costs, but the owners are expected to buy food and other necessities, so the caretaker doesn’t have to pay for this.

There are more kennels located in Kolding, but all of them focus mainly at dogs and cats. Therefore Share My Pet differentiates itself my offering care for more pets than just dogs and cats. A service like Share My pet is not offered yet in the whole of Denmark and with the limited amount of competitors, Share My Pet has a large growth potential.

The main goal of the website is to find pets that fits you. Also the contact section is important, since all the contact of the owner of a pet goes through this. If they want to put their pet on the website, they first need to contact Share My Pet. Anyone can go to the contact section if they have questions or if they want to take about relevant subject. The blog section on the website is there to keep the community up to date. If changes are made or if there is news, it will be put in the blog section. In this section you can also find more information about the company itself. Under the heading ‘Other interesting things’ we will put all our school projects on here.

The homepage is very clean looking, which makes the website more clear. Each picture on the homepage has a purpose. The first picture will send you to the section ‘search a pet’, the second picture will send you to the blog, which involves information about the company. And the third and last pictures will send you to our school assignments. So you can find almost everything on the first page. Of course you could also go the menu and find everything. On every page you can find the title in the right corner so you can easily return to the homepage.

Under the section ‘search my pet’ you can find all the available pets. We have chosen for a portfolio theme as main theme. This is because the ‘ search a pet’ page is the most important on our website. Each pet is shown with a picture, on which you need to click for a more detailed description of the pet. In each description you can find the dates that the pets are available and their personality is described. We decided to show the picture first, because this gives a good impression of the pet. Also in the search option you can categorize the pet that you would like to take care of. If you type in ‘cat’ in the search option, you will get all of the cats that are available. There are categories for the different types of pets. We put the dogs, cats and the rodents into their own category.


At the website we use a lot of white and light blue. These are natural colours and don’t distract the reader. Also, pictures are a important part of the design to make it more fun to visit the website. They are also very useful because behind almost every picture there is a link to a different page or website.

When looking at the trend in the pets industry, more and more owners are willing to invest in special care for their pets. Natural pet products have an increasing demand, things like holistic food, toys that are made out of natural fibers and natural products that prevent the risk at a disease. Also the demand for special pet services is growing, services like: dog training, holistic spa services, pet massages, pet behavioural consulting, pet photography and pet sitting. Mobile pet grooming is also growing. These groomers will perform their service at the house of owner. This is more convenient for the customer and it reduces stress for the pets.

The trend that will have an influence on Share My Pet is the growing demand in pet services. The already mentioned service ‘pet sitting’ is related to Share My Pet. In the future more and more people may use Share My Pet for when they are gone for a view days, not only when they are on vacation. But also when they have other stuff to do, like business trips, travel days or a hectic workweek.

All the content shown on the website is there because it represents Share My Pet. On the blog more information can be put, to keep the community up to date. Also our school assignments contain efficient information. For example a trailer of a movie is shown, to give the website a more informal and fun touch. People may relate to this video and therefore are more willing to participate in the concept. Furthermore we made a questionnaire. The main purpose of this questionnaire is to get to know the people that are visiting our site. My getting to know them, we will be able to improve our website and consequently our service.