Assignment 3 – petlovers movie, questionnaire and article

Assignment 3 – individual project about shareable content.

Have you seen the movie ‘the secret life of pets’?

Yes you did? Yeah high five! Not? Shame on you. Click here for the trailer or scroll down. Everybody who owns a pet have to see this movie. The question is why would you watch a animation movie and the answer is simple.

The movie is brilliant and identifiable/recognizable for everyone who owns pets. When you’re away your pet doesn’t do what you think he does, eating and sleeping most of the time, but they break down your house, throw parties for congeners and go on adventures. That’s OK for one day, but if you stay longer from home, make sure you’re pet has another house to stay. It’s nice to share for both of you. Your pet can explore a new house and you have the guarantee that your home is still in perfect condition after your holiday! 😉

Share your pet!

Love, Roos

Assignment 3 – individual project about shareable content.


To optimalize our website I have created a questionnaire about you and all the other pet lovers. You would really help up by clicking on the cute puppy below. It takes less than two minutes of your time. And say it for yourself, but who can resist him?!


Love, Xanthe

Assignment 3 – individual project about shareable content.

Airbnb for pets?

A new platform is around that lets the hearts of pet owners and pet lovers beat faster: is comparable to Airbnb…but for pets. How that works? If you’re busy, want loving care for your pet but not spend a fortune on one of those “pet-hotels”, share my pet is just right for you. People who do not want or cannot have a pet permanently will take care of your pet how ever long you need them to. Both people who take the pet and people who give the pet upload detailed profiles on the website, the “pet-givers” for example describe their pet, their character, habits, diet etc. und the “pet-takers” describe their space, experience, schedules etc. This way, trust is created and pet owners can give their pet away without sorrow. A small amount of money goes to the care taker for food and cleaning fee, but nothing comparable to the prices of fancy “pet-hotels”.
“Sharing is the new trend. If you look around, car-sharing, food-sharing or flat-sharing is to find everywhere. And we just thought, why not share your pet too? It is not exceptional to have a very busy lifestyle these days, but many people don’t want to abdicate the luxury of owning a pet. Sharing the pet with other loving homes while extra busy times dominate is the perfect solution for everybody to be happy, pet owner, pet and “pet owner for a day”. These are the words of founders Xanthe de Groot, Roos Hammink and Jennifer Seyfried, who were interviewed by us yesterday.
The three women have put months of hard work into, and are eagerly waiting for May first, the launch date of the website. “I quit my job for this idea and I have not regretted it one minute.” says Roos Hammink.
Exciting days lie ahead of the three founders, who will probably have to share their pets every now and then to keep up with their busy schedule.

Love, Jennifer