Assignment 4 – SEO

Google Analytics: Our tracking-ID is UA-98793638-1.

Keyword/phase list:

1) Animal Hotel
2) Animal love
3) Pet lovers
4) Guinea pig
5) Rabbit
6) Dog
7) Cat
8) Pet
9) Exotic pets
10) Share community
11) Sharemypet
12) Share my pet
13) Animal vacations
14) Animal kennels
15) Rodent
16) Inexpensive
17) Cheap

Most primary keyword: Share my pet, second most important key word: pet.

We choose these keywords because, it reflect our website and the idea behind it. We aim to attract owners of pets and pet lovers. These keywords hopefully will attract them to our website. All Keywords apply to our concept. The amount of searches of these keywords is low, some of them are searched only 10-100 times a month, while others are searched for 100-1000 times a month. This means the competition is low as well.

We also looked at the main competition, which is They have only three keywords, which are as followed: petcare, freedog walker and free dog walker.

Negative keywords:
1) Animal shelter
2) Sick animals
3) Adopt
4) Adopting
5) High price
6) Unprofessional
7) Abuse
8) Bad
9) Hurtful
10) Expensive
11) unsecure

These negative keywords are the ones that we as a company would not like to be associated with. All these keywords do not represent our company.

Develop a strategy for SEO
Activities that we will be implementing to improve our SEO:
1) Publish relevant content that suits our target market. This involves content about pets and their interesting lives.
2) Post regularly new blog-posts and pet profiles.
3) Make an Instagram account in the future.
4) Work on the speed of our site. It is currently doing well, but could be improved by optimizing the CSS delivery.
5) Plan to introduce video’s of experience with share my pet and consequently share them on the website and Instagram account.